Who Pays For Pest Control-Landlord or Tenant

pest_controlPest control is often a matter of debate between landlords and tenants. It is a delicate matter as who is responsible depends on a variety of factors. In the caseĀ  that the pest issues arise due to poor sanitary conditions that are result of the tenants negligence then it is the tenants responsibility. However, complexities can arise if the tenant argues that pests enter a house or unit because of structural issues that exist. Issues such as holes in the walls or roof.

To get a good idea of how this should play out, or usually plays out we asked a local pest control company for some insight based on their experience. So the technicians from exterminatormississauga.ca provided some good insight that you can read bellow.

In order to keep things simple once a pest situation arises the first and most important thing to have is a clear contract or agreement in place. This contract would come in handy if things escalate and you end up in court. Aside from that, you should have a discussion about the matter with your tenant. As a landlord, you should have the unit inspected by a pest control company before anyone moves in. Have pest exclusion work performed, companies that practice integrated pest management will take the time to do a walk around, seal all entry points and make sure that your property is at least sealed in a way that will not allow pests to come in. It is better to use preventative methods rather than doing mice control Mississauga solutions, bed bug extermination or other treatments after the fact. You can ask your pest controller for the results of their inspection in writing. Keep that and show it to the tenant.

In this case, and if you have taken the necessary steps, if a pest situation arises chances are that it is the tenants fault and treatment should be taken care out of their pocket. Now if the unit has been inspected for mice, roaches and bed bugs and its properly sealed and clean the tenant cannot claim that it is the landlords fault. If a bed bug issue arises then chances are it is the tenants fault for bringing them in unintentionally.

In summary, it is best to know what pests are in your rental before you rent. When you treat for pests, get that in writing and discuss the treatment and warranty with your potential tenant. Be forward and clear about this to avoid potential misunderstandings and trouble down the road.

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